Phenom 100

The Eclipse 500 is a very light jet that feels more like a light jet, without the steeper price tag. Economical, straightforward, and fast, the aircraft is ideal for short to medium range trips with up to six passengers. Among its most impressive traits, the Eclipse 500 has superior fuel economy, runway performance, cost-efficiency, and advanced avionics when compared to light jets. For a very light jet, the Eclipse 500 has relatively high speeds, able to maintain a cruising speed of up to 370 ktas. Its lightweight, aerodynamic frame enables the aircraft to keep up with larger jets despite its smaller engines. Although it may not arrive at its destination quite as quickly as larger, more powerful jets, its operating costs are significantly lower, sometimes resulting in up to 40% less fuel burn.


Cabin Height (ft) – 4.92
Cabing Length (ft) – 10.99
Cabin Width (ft) – 5.09
Baggage Capacity (ft^3) – 71
Range (nm) – 926
Lavatory – Full
Seating Capacity – 7


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