Citation Excel

The Citation Excel is a noticeably agile super light jet with the performance of a light jet and the cabin of a midsize jet. With impressive runway performance, climbing speeds, and cabin size, the Excel is a competitive force in multiple categories. True to traditional Cessna heritage, the Citation Excel is an aircraft that prioritizes high-performance and reliability above all else. The Excel performs so well mainly due to its high-pressure core efficiency engines, which perform admirably at high temperatures. Providing smooth, quick flights across transcontinental ranges, the Excel is diverse, dexterous, and consistent.


Cabin Height (ft) – 5.7
Cabing Length (ft) – 18.5
Cabin Width (ft) – 5.5
Baggage Capacity (ft^3) – 90
Range (nm) – 1449
Lavatory –¬†Full
Seating Capacity –¬†7


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