We are proud to offer Luxury Travel Agents worldwide this unique opportunity to become a Travel Agent Affiliate with Starbase Jet.

This partnership affords you an opportunity to provide your travel agency and clients direct access to thousands of private jets worldwide, and also allows you to earn referrals commissions for each trip booked!

Starbase jet has been providing value and leadership to private jet travelers for over a decade and Starbase has the ability to provide quality state of the art aircraft with as little as FOUR hours’ notice through its internal managed fleet and network of over 6,000 private jet aircraft. Starbase operates worldwide so no trip is too small or too big, whether it’s for 1 passenger or 100, Starbase jet is your one stop partner in providing private jet excellence.

Here’s how the TRAVEL AGENT Affiliate Program works:

You simply present our services to your customer and then by following one of these three methods provide your Account Executive the required trip details.

1. Client may contact Starbase directly referring you as the referring source [this is very important for commissions].

2. YOU contact Starbase directly and provide the client contact information and we follow up directly with the client.

3. Gather the travel request information directly from your client, fill out our Affiliate Travel Request form and fax/email to 888-380-8236 or and let them know that your ‘Jet Partner’ will be in touch ASAP.

Your Private Aviation Advisor will then work directly with the client to educate them on the available charter services, discuss the proposed itinerary in detail, review aircraft options, and provide quotes based on their needs in a timely manner.

Starbase jet handles the financial transactions for each trip with the client eliminating your risk of non-payment from the client.  It is imperative for Starbase Sales Executives to communicate directly with the client regarding their trip due to the complexities associated with private jet travel.

Your eligibility as a TRAVEL AGENT AFFILIATE with Starbase Jet will be subject to review on an annual basis.  Should Starbase not receive any referrals from you during your 12 month period, Starbase shall reserve the right to discontinue your eligibility in this program. Each referral will have a “lifespan” of one year after the first booked trip. After the initial year is over, the commission program will come to an end for that referral and no further commissions shall be due.

Charter Commission

Once the 1st trip is booked, fully paid for, and completed, your accrual of commission will begin.