Oil and Gas companies trust Starbase Jet’s worldwide charter services for executive travel, corporate shuttles, and urgent specialty team transport & equipment delivery to the most remote destinations on the globe. Transporting oil and gas teams, equipment and spare parts at moments’ notice can be challenging if not handled by an experienced team. With corporate headquarters in Houston, TX, we understand the economic impact the oil and gas industry has on the U.S. economy as a vital link in the nation’s energy supply. Starbase Jet fully understands the old adage that ‘time is money’, and that applies to the Oil and Gas industry in more ways than one. It is our priority, to make sure that we pull all our company resources to ensure that we get who you need and what you need, wherever you need it and fast!

  • Access to the largest direct fleet of charter aircraft available in the state of Texas
  • Worldwide access to helicopters, turbo prop, executive jets, cargo aircraft & large airliners
  • Full travel management solutions for executives, engineers, oil field crews, and investors.
  • Immediate aircraft dispatching for ‘go now’ situations such as launching well control specialists and other emergency response teams.
  • Ability to transport cargo and life critical supplies
  • Reassurance of 24/7 Flight Tracking and Operations support to oversee all movements and make ‘on the fly’ changes to flights as needed.
  • Easy incorporation into your company’s emergency response plans for seamless team coordination
  • Ability to obtain international landing permits, country over-flight permissions, customs clearances, and after hours airport access on an ASAP basis