Having flown some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies in the world, Starbase Jet understands the need for precise travel coordination while maintaining a focus on safety, comfort, and scheduling flexibility. By providing access to remote locations, Starbase Jet can get you to your destination faster and closer than using commercial travel. We maintain access to aircraft equipped with the latest communication technology, allowing you to stay connected and maximize your travel time by conducting in-flight meetings and communicating with your support staff.

Own a company jet? We understand there will be aircraft downtime due to maintenance or crew relief, or that sometimes it may not even make sense to fly your plane due to repositioning costs or aircraft performance limitations. So let Starbase Jet provide you supplemental support when and where you need it, while utilizing your jet when it makes the most sense.

Whether it’s a same day meeting at a remote location or a two week roadshow around the world utilizing multiple aircraft, our level of commitment to our clients goes above and beyond and we work hard to get you where you need to go.

  • Aircraft exclusivity – Safe and secure executive travel, only fly with those you allow
  • Ability to use more than 5,000 remote airports near your meeting location
  • Flexible scheduling to leave earlier or later depending on your business needs
  • Access to aircraft equipped with the latest communication technology
  • Depart and arrive on your own schedule
  • All aircraft are maintained meticulously to the highest FAA standards
  • Spacious aircraft cabins with club seating and group tables for in-flight meetings
  • Comfortable leather interiors with enclosed lavatories
  • Full catering and ground transportation services available for every flight