How Pricing Works

Starbase Jet offers a variety of jet charter programs to meet the needs of both new and seasoned jet travelers. Our experienced Private Aviation Advisors will review your travel needs and preferences and work with you to provide the best charter experience possible by selecting the program(s) that best suits your needs.

To receive an all inclusive price for a private jet charter, request a quote or call (877)-837-5387.

Factors that affect pricing

Aircraft category

Aircraft type

Age of aircraft

Total billable flight time

Pre-positioning or repositioning of the aircraft

One way, round trip or multi-leg

Length of stay prior to return

Crew over nights

Fuel surcharges

Landing fees

International fees

US segment fees

Federal Excise Tax

Hourly Private Jet Rental Rates By Aircraft Category

CategoryPaxRange (mi)Speed (mph)Height (ft)Price Range
VLJ2 - 41,200 - 1,300380 - 4154.20 - 4.90$2,200/hr - $2,350/hr
Light6 - 71,020 - 2,890355 - 5664.10 - 5.00$2,200/hr - $2,800/hr
Midsize7 - 81,160 - 4,200419 - 5454.60 - 6.10$2,900/hr - $3,600/hr
Super Midsize8 - 102,820 - 4,200431 - 5455.70 - 6.30$4,000/hr - $4,800/hr
Large10 - 164,330 - 6,000424 - 5955.83 - 6.40$5,500/hr - $9,000/hr
VIP Airliner16 - 604,600 - 7,480469 - 5616.50 - 7.40$16,000/hr - $23,000/hr
Jet Airliner19 - 500+2,300 - 9,640374 - 5886.00 - 9.00$16,000/hr - $23,000/hr
Turboprop Airliner19 - 39700 - 3,302181 - 4404.11 - 6.60$2,500/hr - $5,000/hr
Turboprop Aircraft5 - 8850 - 1,720169 - 3703.25 - 5.70$1,700/hr - $2,500/hr
Helicopter3 - 8250 - 66096 - 1903.90 - 6.00$1,700/hr - $2,500/hr

Hourly Private Jet Rental Rates By Aircraft Type

Aircraft TypeCategoryRange (mi)PaxAverage Hourly Rate
King Air 350iTurboprop Aircraft1,9729$1,800 USD
Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti IITurboprop Aircraft1,5776$1,500 USD
Eclipse 500VLJ6613$2,300 USD
Citation MustangVLJ8245$2,300 USD
Learjet 31ALight1,3946$2,350 USD
Learjet 45XRLight1,9328$3,600 USD
Citation ExcelLight1,6677$3,700 USD
Learjet 60XRMidsize2,3527$3,200 USD
Hawker 850 XPMidsize2,9869$3,400 USD
Citation XSuper Midsize3,3268$5,225 USD
Challenger 300Super Midsize3,5679$3,800 USD
G-VLarge7,19213$9,200 USD
G450Large5,0068$8,800 USD
G550Large7,76818$9,300 USD
Falcon 7XLarge6,84712$8,000 USD
Legacy 600Large3,55613$6,200 USD
Global 5000Large5,9848$8,400 USD
Falcon 900LXLarge5,46612$5,800 USD
Falcon 2000LXLarge4,6038$5,800 USD
Challenger 605Large4,4649$6,000 USD
Challenger 850Large2,82615$6,000 USD
Airbus ACJ320VIP Airliner5,69619$18,000 USD
Boeing Business JetVIP Airliner6,19119$11,000 USD

Samples Of Actual Trips And All Inclusive Prices

Trip DetailsAircraft TypePaxTotal Price (USD)
Bratislava - Poprad
Round Trip (1 day stay)King Air 35073,600.00
South Lake Tahoe - San Jose
Round Trip (Day trip)King Air 20077,676.57
Toronto Is. - Charlo
Round Trip (3 day stay)PILATUS PC-12714,750.00
Catania - Salerno
One WayCitation Mustang48,000.00
Naples - Figari
One WayCitation Mustang48,450.00
La Romana - Nassau
Round Trip (3 day stay)MITSUBISHI MU-2415,775.00
Baltimore - Montreal
One WayCitation V68,037.21
Seattle - Las Vegas
One WayBeech Jet 400611,551.71
Faro - Prague
One WayCitation Jet II615,181.82
Detroit - Columbus
Round Trip (1 day stay)Hawker 800811,822.80
Scottsdale - Napa - Monterey
Multi Leg (Within 2 days)Hawker 800XP813,048.05
Las Vegas - Miami
One WayHawker 800822,645.75
Las Vegas - Washington DC
One WayChallenger 300820,000.00
Miami - Cancun
Multi Leg (Within 7 days)Citation X834,361.68
Miami - Boston
Round Trip (2 day stay)Gulfstream G-200936,081.64
Miami - Teterboro
One WayChallenger 6041318,213.11
Waukesha - Long Beach
One WayGulfstream V-SP1525,181.82
Moscow - Dubai
One WayHawker 850XP843,900.00
Miami - London
One WayAirbus 319 Corporate Jet2456,777.45
Oakland - San Jose Del Cabo
Round Trip (2 day stay)MD-83 (Executive)50144,329.85
Dallas - Honolulu
Multi Leg (Within 9 days)Boeing Business Jet17362,790.03

Our Programs

On Demand – Our most popular charter program, this Pay-As-You-Go program offers the most competitive pricing with no large upfront commitment. Fly as much or as little as you desire.

Jet Cards – Though priced higher than On Demand charter, Jet Card customers enjoy additional benefits such as guaranteed availability, no reposition costs, and other perks such as complimentary inflight catering.

Block Charter – Best suited for individuals (or corporations) seeking to fly 50+ hours a year and typically fly roundtrips with about a week’s notice for all travel. Block charter flights are provided on the Starbase Jet fleet of aircraft at a substantial discount.

Fixed Priced Routes – Starbase Jet offers fixed prices on popular city pairs throughout the country. These flights can be arranged ad hoc and provide the ability to budget travel based on frequency.