My Private Jet Fleet | Executive Travel Program

As the largest provider of business jets in Texas, Starbase Jet is proud to offer a unique travel program not typically available in today’s market by offering direct access to a dedicated fleet of regional charter aircraft at discounted hourly rates.

With My Private Jet Fleet, corporations and sophisticated individual travelers can enjoy the next best thing to owning a corporate aircraft without the complexities and large capital investment associated with whole or fractional ownership.

My Private Jet Fleet is available only to those located within 275 nm of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio metros (other cities available on a case by case basis). This limitation allows Starbase Jet to offer clients substantial per hour discounts and familiarity with local flight crews. Our Client Services Teams will get to know your travel preferences and anticipate your requests! It’s also the ideal Supplemental Lift program to support any local corporate flight department.

We understand the importance of choosing to fly with the right charter provider; one who understands how demanding your needs are, how quickly your schedule can change, and can adapt to any changes on the fly.  Starbase Jet is that company. Our customers range from Fortune 1000 companies, energy executives, law firms, political figures and government agencies, real estate developers, production companies, musicians, entertainers, athletes, travel agencies, manufacturing/construction magnates, universities, financial institutions, and individuals who simply prefer to fly privately for the comfort and convenience.

Program Highlights

  • Access to Local Based Premium Aircraft
  • Dedicated Private Aviation Advisor
  • No Aircraft Interchange Penalties
  • 24/7/365 Flight Operations Support
  • Funds debited against deposit amount
  • Complimentary Catering
  • Priority Scheduling & Familiar Crews
  • Custom Tailored Amenities
  • Fully Refundable at Any Time
  • Discounted Hourly Rates
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Domestic & International Travel

Ideal Customer: Those who fly 50+ hours per year and require maximum flexibility with the highest levels of safety.

Depending on your minimum commitment, take advantage of hourly discounts from standard retail rates and receive additional program benefits such as complimentary catering and reduced daily flight hour minimums.  As a top provider for the major fractional and jet card companies, you’ll be sure to continue receiving best-in-class service by the company who is making private jet travel easier and more affordable than ever!


  • On Time Guarantee” – If the plane is not ready for the scheduled departure time, receive a credit towards your trip
  • Cash Rebates & Loyalty Program
  • Complimentary catering from the Starbase Jet In-Flight Catering Menu
  • Peace of mind knowing that your travel is arranged by an ARGUS Platinum rated charter provider who places a priority on safety, customer service, and operational excellence.

Let Starbase Jet be your private jet travel partner while you focus on growing your business and spending more time with those important to you! Call Starbase Jet today and request a no obligation consultation from one of our experienced Aviation Advisors to discuss your personal or corporate travel needs.

Request a quote or call us at 281-443-3443.