Aircraft Acquisition Services by Reed Aviation a Starbase Jet Partner

Acquiring the RIGHT AIRCRAFT at the RIGHT PRICE is where Reed Aviation makes a difference. Having purchased many aircraft over the years for personal and business use, we have a complete understanding of every aspect of ownership. And the most important piece of ownership is acquiring the RIGHT AIRCRAFT.  Here’s a summary of the Aircraft Acquisitions Services we offer.

  1. Objectives, operations & mission analysis ~ Reed Aviation conducts an assessment of the following:
  • Current and future mission / capacity needs
  • Capital and operational requirements / constraints
  • Flight operations and support resources
  1. Aircraft model assessment, recommendation & selection ~ Review all appropriate aircraft models that meet your needs. Then make recommendations based in part on our Market Report for each of those aircraft models, which includes:
  • Overview of the available aircraft on the market by serial number, price, hours and more
  • Price trend analysis
  • Bluebook report
  • Transaction report
  1. Available aircraft review & selection ~ After selecting the model of aircraft for acquisition, we personally review each aircraft on the market that is within the agreed upon consideration set. We report back to you with an Aircraft Valuation report consisting of:
  • Assessment of the aircraft, including detailed description and rating of each area of the aircraft
  • Detailed photos
  • Preliminary inspection of aircraft records
  • Suggested aircraft value
  1. Contract negotiation management~ Reed Aviation will coordinate the entire negotiation and contract exchange between the buyer and the seller. From Offer Letter to Purchase Agreement, we are integrally involved in seeing this process through the challenges unique to each transaction.
  1. Pre-purchase Evaluation ~ We strive to provide a squawk-free, ready-to-operate aircraft upon delivery. We contract the best available maintenance centers and oversee the inspection to ensure quality of service.
  1. Closing ~ We manage all details on your behalf and steer the transaction to a successful conclusion.
  1. Delivery ~ When the aircraft is delivered, we’ll be with you every step of the way making sure the aircraft envisioned is the one received.
  1. Custom completion consulting~ If the purchased aircraft needs upgrades to the airframe, avionics, cabin, or entertainment system, we offer years of experience and expertise in completion consulting. From bid and vendor selection through final completion, we manage the project to meet your expectations.
  1. Ongoing support ~ Our clients can expect ongoing service and support after delivery of your aircraft. We’re your resource, no matter what your aviation needs are.

Entry to 135 Charter Service

Here are some of the many entry to service support items Starbase Jet performs on your behalf to place the aircraft on our charter certificate

  • Recruit, interview, and hire flight crew.
  • Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) request, drug testing and criminal background checks.
  • Payroll and benefits set up for employees.
  • Initiate and bind aircraft insurance coverage (if SBJ fleet policy is utilized).
  • Transfer all accounts on behalf of owner (engine program, maintenance tracking, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Set up fuel card accounts for the aircraft.
  • CFR Part 135 Conformity Inspection services