Citation II

When the Citation II debuted in the light business jet market, it was one-of-a-kind.  It sold 1,000 jets in its first four years on the market and was manufactured for sixteen years, making its Cessna’s best-selling private jet to date.

At the time of the Citation II release, everyone else in the industry was trying to outdo each other by making the heaviest, most complicated, hard-to-fly jet.  The Citation II defied all trends with its simple systems and manufacturing techniques, dramatically reducing operating and purchase costs.  Its focus on simplicity and economy was so effective in the air, and popular among pilots and jet owners that it completely reversed jet design trends all over the private jet industry.


Cabin Height (ft) – 4.8
Cabing Length (ft) – 16.9
Cabin Width (ft) – 4.9
Baggage Capacity (ft^3) – 74
Range (nm) – 1320
Lavatory – Full
Seating Capacity – 6


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